99th is an oriental, contemporary-inspired jewelry brand with a touch of detailed minimalism.

Founded by three friends with a strong passion for jewelry design, we aim to empower our customers with self-confidence and faith through our one-of-a-kind pieces.

Our mantra is “Bring the best of yourself through your inner instinct”, which we manifest through our dedicated and diverse designs.

Each piece’s design is bespoke to a multitude of personalities.

Fashion and Divine Belief

Individuals today wear jewelry not only as accessories for fashion, but also to serve as a charm for good luck or amulet for protection in order to cultivate self-confidence and luck. We observed that conventional charms and amulet-type jewelry sometimes is not suitable for everyday wear, so we wanted to redesign these personal pieces with a more contemporary approach.

Through the convergence of fashion and divine belief, 99th helps highlight confidence within one’s inner instinct and accessorize with the most stylish piece of wearable art.

Our jewelry is not a traditional amulet, however each piece has been blessed by famous masters from numerous religious institutions in Thailand. As well, part of 99th’s profit will be donated to various religious and sacred sites.


The number 99 is the angel guardian number.

Consistently found in ancient myths everywhere, it has been regarded as a powerful number that projects success, progress and mindful clarity.

Each of our pieces is engraved with “99th” to bring luck and prosperity.

Welcome to 99th.